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Meteor attack in Russia injures 1200, causes billion rubles music by Pavel A. Panin - Millennium ATTENTION: i just watched the videos by eyewitnesses and i ...

Biggest meteorite in Russia 2012- Discovery Channel No1 [01:24]
Biggest meteorite in Russia 2012 Discovery Channel No1. discoverychannelno1144 videos. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 87. 258 views. Like 0 Dislike 0. Like ... Meteorito na Russia FIM DO MUNDO 2013by meteoritorussia2013Featured 330048 · 449. Watch Later UFO 2013 The Lightning bolt The Pope and the MeteoriteHDby themusicmemorylane 9949 views · 208. Watch Later UFO Engages Russian Meteor 2013 1080pby stephenhannardadguk 76142 views · 031. Watch Later Watch Car SOS ...

Jamala - Find me (Video musicale) [03:38]
Jamala (all'anagrafe Susanna Jamaladinova, nata il 27 agosto del 1983 ad Osh in Kirghizistan) voce jazz, canta brani scritti da lei, dove jazz, soul e blues si fondono con il gospel e la musica classica. Jamala ha inciso il suo primo brano in una sala di registrazione a soli 9 anni. Diplomata in pianoforte classico nella città di Alushta, Jamala frequentò, prima, la Scuola di Musica Tchaikovsky a Simpheropol e, in seguito, la Kiev Music Academy, dove si è laureata specializzandosi in canto lirico. All'epoca, immaginava il suo futuro come solista d'opera al Teatro alla Scala di Milano. Tuttavia la sua profonda passione per il jazz e le influenze della musica orientale hanno cambiato i suoi piani e il suo futuro artistico.

Adventure Team Channel Intro [01:08]
Amazing videos from Russia Siberia, Mongolia, Australia and Iceland. See places where tourists do not arrive. See what you can do in the off road car like Land Rover Discovery, Toyota Land Cruiser 100 and Toyota Land Cruiser 200 V8. We will take you into the real world of adventure. Music: Tought Police :arranged and produced by Rick Clarke The music used in this video was arranged and produced by Rick Clarke - (aka Rickvanman on YouTube). The music is fully licensed for personal and commercial re-broadcasting use under a general royalty free licence provided it is accredited correctly. Full details of the royalty free licence and music can be found at Rickvanman's source website: Rick (Rickvanman) invites any You Tube official to contact him directly via You Tube messages or email in the case of any queries arising from the use of this music in other peoples videos.

Екатеринбург 9 мая 2011 весна птицы музыканты [19:13]
Россия Свердловская область Екатеринбург (урал) запись с телефона, приятный солнечный день 9го мая 2011 года, поют птицы, шумит водопад на "плотинке" молодежь катается на роликах, велосипедах, на улицах играют музыканты - красота. Russia Sverdlovsk region Ekaterinburg (Ural) account from your phone, a nice sunny day on the 9th of May 2011, the birds are singing, noisy waterfall at "Plotinka" young people riding on roller skates, bicycles, street musicians play.

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