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Lipetsk celebra il "Festival del lardo" [01:25]
A gennaio la popolazione di Dobroe, un villaggio nella regione di Lipetsk, a circa 438 chilometri a Sud-Ovest di Mosca, hanno celebrato il loro amore per il lardo, chiamato in russo "salo", organizzando il Festival "Dobroe salo" ("Buon lardo"). Molti russi ritengono che il lardo faccia bene alla salute e non faccia ingrassare. Perché, dicono, il lardo contiene amminoacidi che aiutano a bruciare i grassi del corpo. Com'è tradizione, sottili fettine di bianco lardo vengono spalmate sul pane nero, con aglio e accompagnate con la vodka. Il Festival "Dobroe salo" viene organizzato nel locale mercato, dove i produttori, che arrivano da tutta la regione di Lipetsk, offrono diverse varietà di lardo, saltato, piccante, affumicato. Visto il successo dell'iniziativa, gli organizzatori hanno intenzione di dare cadenza annuale al festival e di invitare produttori da altre regioni.

Making Palmeni in Perm [02:59]
Our quest to sample the local food of Russia continued in Perm, a city in the North of the Ural Mountains. We heard that a regional speciality came in the form of small, tortellini-like stuffed dumplings. Due to our tight budget (and inability to understand or order from a menu!) we opted for one (randomly selected) of the many frozen varieties we had seen for sale in supermarkets, with the added bonus that staying in a great new hostel meant we had access to cooking facilities. The hostel staff viewed our attempts with bemusement but were impressed at our efforts so invited us to join them in making homemade pelmeni the following evening. Exhausted, hot and sweaty after a full-on tourist day sightseeing in Perm, we arrived back to not just the ingredients laid-out ready for us but also a film crew and presenter from the local news channel to record the momentous occasion. The arrival of the hostel's first 'foreign' guests and their interest in local cuisine was clearly a novelty.

Гостиница Престиж Центр в Санкт-Петербурге. [03:01]
Россия.Санкт -Петербург. Гостиница «Престиж Центр» находится в самом сердце Санкт-Петербурга. В 350 метрах от отеля располагается Дворцовая площадь/Эрмитаж, также рядом находятся Исаакиевский собор и Невский проспект. Гостиница «Престиж Центр» располагается в здании 18 века (дом графа Орлова-Давыдова). Отель является очень удобным для размещения путешественников, так как главные достопримечательности видны как на ладони из его окон. Hotel «Prestige Center» is located in the heart of Saint-Petersburg. In 350 metres from the hotel is the Palace square/the Hermitage, also close to St. Isaac's Cathedral and Nevsky prospect. Hotel «Prestige Center» is located in the building of the 18th century (the house of count Orlov-Davydov). The hotel is very convenient for the accommodation of travellers, as the main attractions are visible as on a palm from its Windows.(туризм,поездка,экскурсия,гостиница,отель,бронирование мест,музеи,дворцы,отдых,петербург,Нева,собор,эрмитаж,sites, museums, palaces, holiday, St. Petersburg, Neva Cathedral, the Hermitage,Россия,Russia)

Вербное воскресенье 2012 [02:41]
Полуденную мессу в Вербное воскресенье в нашем приходе совершил митрополит Павел Пецци.
Tags: приход св. Екатерины, католики в России, католики, доминиканцы, Вербное воскресенье, Niedziela Palmowa, Palm Sunday, Paolo Pezzi, Павел Пецци, catholics in Russia

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