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Wayfarer: Astrakhan [25:42]
As the days get colder, Martyn Andrews goes in search of warmer climes. Astrakhan, a major city in the southern part of European Russia, lying on the Volga R...

Teenage Heroin Epidemic [01:00:40]
Swansea Love Story: An award-winning look at a generation lost to heroin, as told through the tragic love story of Amy and Cornelius. In 2009, Swansea drug a...

Russian Fisherman Saves Dog Stranded On Ice At Sea [01:21]
A Russian fishing boat spotted a stranded black dog on a large floating piece of ice. Thankfully, they stopped to save the pup from certain death.

Санкт-Петербург. Петергоф. Фонтаны. Russian Peterhof. Full HD [03:58]
Большой каскад - главное сооружение грандиозной фонтанной системы Петергофа. Оно уникально по размерам, обилию воды, богатству скульптурного декора, графическому разнообразию водометов и выразительности всех частей. Большой каскад занимает выдающееся место среди известнейших исторических фонтанных сооружений мира. Это блестящий памятник искусства барокко. The fountains of Peterhof are one of Russia's most famous tourist attractions, drawing millions of visitors every year. The most famous ensemble of fountains, the Grand Cascade, which runs from the northern facade of the Grand Palace to the Marine Canal, comprises 64 different fountains, and over 200 bronze statues, bas-reliefs, and other decorations. At the centre stands Rastrelli's spectacular statue of Samson wrestling the jaws of a lion. The vista of the Grand Cascade with the Grand Palace behind it, the first sight to great visitors who arrive in Peterhof by sea, is truly breathtaking. Peterhof의 분수는 매년 수백만의 방문자 그리기, 러시아에서 가장 유명한 관광 명소 중 하나입니다. 분수의 가장 유명한 앙상블은 그랜드 팰리스의 북쪽 외관의 해양 운하로 실행 그랜드 캐스케이드는 64 다른 분수, 그리고 200여 청동 동상, BAS-reliefs 및 기타 장식을 포함한다.중앙에는 삼손이 사자의 턱을 씨름 Rastrelli의 아름다운 동상이 서 있습니다. 그 뒤에 왕궁 (Grand Palace), 바다로 Peterhof에 도착 훌륭한 방문자에게 첫눈과 그랜드 캐스케이드의 비스타 정말 숨이다. Les fontaines de Peterhof sont l'une des attractions de la Russie touristiques les plus ...

Brighton Beach Brooklyn, "Little Russia By The Sea".avi [18:00]
A little walking tour of one of New York City's fascinating quarters, Brighton Beach, where beautiful beaches, continental outdoor cafes and gourmet food sho...

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