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Helicopter Crash on Mountain a Russian MI-17 Crashes on Takeoff from Mount Everest Base Camp Nepal [00:59]
Helicopter Crash on Mountain a Russian MI-17 Crashes on Taking off from a Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal, on May 28th 2003. An accident report on AERO News Network states -- "A Russian Mi-17 turbine helicopter, enroute to Base Camp with porters on their way to the 50th anniversary celebrations of Mount Everest's (29002 feet) first climb, crashed Wednesday with at least three fatalities and seven reported injuries/survivors. The Mi-17 was based in Kathmandu and chartered from Simrik Air. On board were five porters, a mountain guide and four crew members. On its return the helo was to have picked up climbers that had just returned from having climbed the mountain in celebration of the May 29, 1953 ascent by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa. The accident, seen on video, shows the Mi-17 on approach to landing and veering off to the left, suddenly, in a descent to disappear beyond a ridge line. The sight of parts flying about, shortly thereafter, occurs (apparently) at impact. Two of the dead were reported as mountain porter Phudorji Sherpa and cabin attendant Anup Dewan. An airport official claimed that, "The chopper left Kathmandu in the morning but because of bad weather it stopped at Lukla airport (in NE Nepal) for some time. It later proceeded to the Base Camp and crashed nearby." Among the injured was a German woman, who had the misfortune to be walking near Base Camp when the helicopter crashed. Listed in serious condition are Cris Lising (of Germany), the ...

Rinat Shaham Take a Bow [00:33]
Mezzo-soprano Rinat Shaham gave a stellar performance of Carmen at the Michailovski Theater in Saint Petersburg, Russia on July 18, 2012. Here she is taking a bow. I like how this short clip highlights the difference between American and European clapping. The group immediately around me was mostly American, but the rest of the hall was European. I love how they're so in sync with each other. And I laugh when someone takes a bow and the Americans get excited and fall out of rhythm. There's something about clapping in this fashion that makes the bows go on much longer than they typically do in the states. I find the whole phenomenon to be fascinating. I mean, what causes two continents to applaud so differently?

United States (Indiana) to England (London). [05:46]
Sorry for the late upload on this guys! Don't worry, more videos shall be soon. I'm trying to be more active. There isn't my new intro on this due to it being edited before I made the intro. Anyway! Thanks for being part of this channel!

Россия.Музеи-усадьбы.Абрамцево. [05:04]
Russia. Memorial estates. Abramtzevo. Музей-усадьба Абрамцево. Среди памятных мест Подмосковья одним из интереснейших и дорогих является Абрамцево, с которым связаны многие яркие страницы русской истории и культуры.В 1870 году Абрамцево приобрел Савва Иванович Мамонтов — крупный промышленник и меценат, влюбленный в искусство. Увлекавшийся пением, музыкой и ваянием Мамонтов привлек к себе молодых талантливых художников, скульпторов, композиторов, музыкантов, актеров, певцов. В течение многих лет в его имении работали и отдыхали выдающиеся русские художники И. Е. Репин, В. И. Суриков, В.Д. и Е.Д. Поленовы, В. М. и А. М. Васнецовы, М. А. Врубель, И. И. Левитан, М. В. Нестеров, И. С. Остроухов, К. А. Коровин и многие другие. В 1878 году здесь образовался Абрамцевский художественный кружок.Несколько десятилетий здесь кипела напряженная и плодотворная жизнь: создавались живописные полотна, строились здания по оригинальным архитектурным проектам, возрождалось старорусское гончарное производство, разрабатывались новые формы предметов быта. Гостиничный комплекс Галерея расположен в 150 м от Усадьбы "Абрамцево" в 59 км от МКАД по Ярославскому шоссе, недалеко от г. Сергиев Посад, на берегу реки Вори . Museum-estate of Abramtsevo. Among the memorable places of Moscow suburbs one of the most interesting and expensive is the Abramtsevo, which involves many bright pages of Russian history and культуры.В 1870 Abramtsevo acquired Savva Ivanovich Mamontov - big industrialist and patron of ...

Большие Вязёмы.Россия.Russia. [02:39]
В XVI веке Большие Вязёмы были родовой вотчиной Бориса Годунова, позднее загородным дворцом Дмитрия Самозванца, превратившего дворец усадьбы в место для увеселений. После воцарения Михаила Романова село было приписано к дворцовому ведомству. В 1694 году поместье было подарено Петром I его воспитателю боярину Борису Голицыну за спасение во время стрелецкого бунта.[5] С тех пор Вязёмы оставались вотчиной Голицыных.Уникальным памятником XVI века является Спасо-Преображенский собор (1584—1598). В 1784 году был отстроен дворец, в стиле дворцов эпохи Людовика XVI. На первом этаже дворца находилась библиотека, а на втором располагалась картинная галерея.In the XVI century, more Vyazemy were ancestral estate of Boris Godunov, the latest country palace False Dmitry, turned the palace estates in place for entertainment. After the accession of Mikhail Romanov village has been attributed to the court administration. In 1694, the estate was donated by Peter I of the teacher boyar Boris Golitsyn for saving during musketeers rebellion. [5] Since then Vyazemy remained the preserve of Golitsyn.A unique monument of XVI century is the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral (1584-1598). In 1784, was rebuilt the Palace in the style of the palaces of the era of Louis XVI. On the first floor of the Palace housed a library, and the second was the picture gallery, (экскурсии, поездки,музеи,музей-усадьба ,автобусная экскурсия, отель, каникулы, отпуск,бронирование мест,гостиница,Россия, excursions, trips ...

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