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Cape Cod's Sagamore Bridge Construction Complete! [02:44]
Sagamore Bridge construction is complete, and just in time for Memorial Day Weekend. As the region gears up for summer, the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce (CCC...

St Petersburg Walking Tour : White Nights [05:20]
My walkabout around midnight in St Petersburg during a summer night of July 2012. The 'White Nights' is a popular draw for tourists and the local Russians. T...

The Museum of Everything // Exhibition #5 - Russia 2012 (English) [01:32]

Most Extreme roads in Siberia. Documentary movie (English language) [22:33]
If you like the video press LIKE button :):):):) THX The best is view this film in FULL HD and Full Screen !!! Welcome to my movie from far eastern Russia - from Siberia. Film location is in north east side of the bigger lake in the World - Lake Baikal. We drove by the most extreme road in Siberia. Particularly in BAM road and legendary road "trought 110" - this road in inpassable in summer time. But fortunately we were able to ride :), and only one car, with no support. The route Around the Baikal Expedition was a 2100 km (about 1300 miles) and we drove from Irkuck to Irkuck 7 days. Look to another my expediton in my Youtube channel. シベリアから - 極東ロシアから私の映画へようこそ。バイカル湖 - ロケ地は世界で大きな湖の北東側にある。私たちは、シベリアで最も極端な道路で運転した。特にBAM道路や伝説の道で"110 trought" - この道を夏にinpassableインチしかし、幸いなことに、我々は1つだけの車はサポートなし、:)に乗ることができました、と。バイカル湖探検一周ルートは2100キロ(約1300マイル)であった、そして我々は8日間IrkuckするIrkuckから行きました。 Bienvenue sur mon film à partir d'Extrême-Orient russe - de la Sibérie. Lieu de tournage est dans le nord-est côté du plus grand lac dans le monde - Le lac Baïkal. Nous avons roulé par la route la plus extrême de la Sibérie. En particulier dans BAM route route et légendaire "trought 110" - cette route en inpassable en période estivale. Mais heureusement, nous avons pu monter :), et une seule voiture, sans aucun soutien. L'itinéraire Autour ...

Лето Summer 2010 [17:15]
Старое видео, но не лишенное ценности от богатства воспоминаний. Россия - Украина - Молдавия - Румыния - Болгария (Москва - Брянск) - (Киев - Николаев - Одесса - Болград) - (Брэйла - Слобозия - Фетешти - Констанца) - (Варна - Слынчев Бряг) А так же в Болгарии - Несебыр, Бургас, Созопол, Ахтопол, Синеморец, София, Банско, Рила и т. д. На видео: Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania (Constanta), Bulgaria (Sunny Beach, Bansko, Rila, Sozopol, Sinemorets beach, Irakli beach)

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