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Mom's Vodka Toast — Uglich, Russia [00:49]
Mom reacts to the taste of homemade vodka while visiting a home in Uglich, Russia.

Санаторий Дубки [01:33]
Расположение: 80 км от МКАД по Новорязанскому шоссе. Территория своя, большая, благоустроенная и охраняемая. Санаторий находится на самом берегу реки Москвы, стоит в окружении смешанного леса, в живописном месте. Рассчитан на 200 мест. Работает круглогодично. Инфраструктура: великолепная сауна с мини-бассейном, комнатой отдыха и бильярдной, кафе-бар, тренажерный зал, настольный теннис, прокат лошадей, шашлыки на природе Location: 80 km from Moscow ring road on Novoryazanskoye highway. The territory of its own, a big, well-arranged and secure. The health resort is located on the Bank of the Moscow river, is surrounded by mixed forest, in a picturesque place. Intended for 200 seats. Works all the year round. Infrastructure: excellent sauna with mini-pool, a recreation room, and billiard room, cafe-bar, gym, table tennis, hire of horses, barbecues on the nature with toast-master.(туризм, поездка, отель, гостиница, бронирование, музеи,экскурсии, тур, отпуск, отдых, Россия,tourism, travel, hotel, museums, tours, ur, vacation, holidays, Russia, Московская область,tourism, travel, hotel, museums, tours, ur, vacation, holiday, Russia, tourism, travel, hotel, museums, tours, vacation, holidays, Russia, Moscow region,Санаторий Дубки).

Sumy, Ukraine - FSU - April/May 2011 - Part 5 [06:51]
A nice park in Sumy, Ukraine locarted by the Sumy stadium. Also my lovely Larisa's first use to my video camera. Shes so cute its adorable. Then a trip to the forest(about 20 maybe 30 minutes from my apartment to hang with Ed, Roman, Lara, Natali.a, Vera, and myself. This was my first-hand experience driking vodka with the two brats (brothers) - WOW!!! Like every 15 minutes we were doing a toast for some reason and/or no reason - LOL
Tags: Sumy, Ukraine, Russia, Women, Las Vegas, Kiev

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