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Russia's very own Venice [06:38]
The Venice of the Volga is how locals describe the lower Astrakhan region where Europes longest water course splits into a fan of more than 250 channels that...

AmaWaterways Boat Tour Excursion in St. Petersburg, Russia During AmaWaterways River Cruise Vacation [02:49]
AmaWaterways boat tour excursion through the canals of St. Petersburg, Russia, called Venice of the North, during an AmaWaterways Russian River Cruise Vacation as documented by travel filmmaker Clint Denn. Cruising through the canals brings tourists a look at the fascinating array of architecture and a peak into slew of historical places around a city that was the capital of Russia for over 200 years. These river cruises travel between St. Petersburg and Moscow on the Volga-Baltic Waterways or in reverse. Seeing the St. Peter and Paul Fortress and Museum gives one a look into the truly amazing history of a city conjured up from the ambitions of brilliant man. The truly amazing Venice of the North gives tourists a wealth of history, culture, architecture, beauty, amazement and puzzles. Also on tap are the famed Hermitage Museum, Peterhof, the St. Peter and Paul Fortress, Nevsky Prospect, Tsarkoye Selo and much more. Founded by Peter the Great, the city was built on a drained swamp and represented Russia's Window the West in Peter's effort to force Russia to join the rapidly developing Western Europe technological and maritime revolutions. AmaWaterways is the premier river cruise line is operating 15 river cruse ships all over Europe, in Russia, along the Mekong River between Vietnam and Cambodia and now on the Chobe River in Africa in conjuncttion with land safari tours on private and public game reserves. Founded in 2002, AmaWaterways has been an industry leader for over ...
Tags: russia, river cruise, st. petersburg, amawaterways, all inclusive, rudi schreiner, vodka, history, volga, neva river, hermitage, catherine the great, pushkin, peter the great, venice of the north, jimmy murphy, moscow

AmaWaterways Pt. 4 of 4 of AmaWaterways Russian River Cruise from St. Petersburg to Moscow [13:12]
AmaWaterwayas Part 4 of 4 of Russian River Cruise Clint Denn travel log video from St. Petersburg to Moscow on the Neva River and Volga-Baltic Waterways. European River Cruising, and river cruising around the world, is the fastest growing segment of the travel industry and has been growing exponentially over the last ten years. In 1992 the completion of the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal, which connected the Rhine and Danube Rivers, created a revolution in European travel as passenger ships were now able to growing from the North Sea to the Black Sea, essentially across the face of Europe. AmaWaterways, the premier river cruise line the travel industry, operates AmaKatarina, accommodating 220 passengers in luxurious splendor between St. Petersburg and Moscow on the Neva River and the Volga-Baltic Waterways, which includes Lake Ladoga and Lake Onega. The two biggest cities in Russia are fascinating destinations, with St. Petersburg boasting some of the best architecture and museums in the world. Moscow, the capital of Russia for most of the last 1000 years, forms the bookend of an AmaWaterways Russian River Cruise that has beautiful scenery in between. In May 2012 AmaWaterways launched the AmaCerto in Vilshofen, Germany to much fanfare. Now the most luxurious river cruise ship in Europe, AmaCerto contains a number of revolutionary designs and is the first of the long-ships able to host 164 passengers slated to hit the waters in the next few years. In terms of expansion ...
Tags: russia, river cruise, amawaterways, jimmy murphy, all inclusive, lenin, st. petersburg, venice of the north, peter the great, moscow, fun, vodka, family, luxury ships, vacation, kremlin, hermitage, catherine the great, germany, war, 900 day seige

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