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Санаторий Раменское.Россия.Russia. [02:24]
Россия.Санаторий "Раменское" расположен в Раменском районе Московской области. Место, где он расположен, живописно и наполнено свежим воздухом соснового леса. Рядом протекает река Гжелка. Санаторий принимает на отдых и лечение взрослых (в том числе родителей с детьми). Размещаются отдыхающие в двухместных номерах со всеми удобствами. Питание заказное, диетическое.В санатории есть клуб, кинозал, бильярдная, тренажерный зал, спортивная площадка, волейбольная площадка, детская площадка, библиотека. На территории санатория находятся междугородняя телефонная связь и прокат. Проводятся экскурсии. Russia/ Sanatorium "Ramenskoye" is located in the Ramenskoye district of Moscow region. Place where it is located, beautifully and is filled with the fresh air of the pine forest. Nearby there is a river Гжелка. The sanatorium accepts on rest and treatment of adults (including parents with children). Holidaymakers are placed in double rooms with all conveniences. Power supply optional, диетическое.В the sanatorium there is a club, a cinema, a billiard room, gym, sports ground, Playground, volleyball court, children's Playground, library. On the territory of the sanatorium there are long-distance telephone communication and hire. There are guided tours.(туризм, поездка, отель, гостиница, бронирование, музеи,экскурсии, тур, отпуск, отдых, Россия,tourism, travel, hotel, museums, tours, ur, vacation, holidays, Russia, Московская область,tourism, travel, hotel, museums, tours, ur, vacation ...

London Olympics 2012 Beach Volleyball Women China vs. Russia Highlights [02:12]
Chinese women's beach volleyball pair Xue Chen and Zhang Xi powered into the Olympic quarter finals with an easy win over a Russian pair Evgenia Ukolova and Ekaterina Khomyakova that soothed the pain of their shock defeat to another Russian team in their first pool match.
Tags: women's beach volleyball, China Russia Xue Chen, Zhang Xi, Evgenia Ukolova, Ekaterina Khomyakova, London, Olympics, 2012

Volleybal. Russia vs Japan(2) [00:43]
Grand Prix 2011. Tokyo
Tags: sport, volleyball, Tokyo, team, japan, competition, russia

Selge Beach Resort&Spa [00:20]
Going down the waterslide. Enjoy, rate, comment and subscribe to be given more great videos.
Tags: video game, beach, waves, ocean, palm, sand, surfing, florida, sunset, west, island, myrtle, palm beach, venice, coast, raton, bay, daytona, laguna, gulf, volleyball, water, beaches, myrtle beach, pier, summer, south, huntington, west palm, selge, resort,

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