Volga-Vyatka Region

If you are planning to travel to Russia soon, you may find yourself in the Volga-Vyatka region of Russia. As one of Russia’s twelve economic regions, Volga-Vyatka has a lot to offer visitors. The area consists of five sub-regions, namely the Chuvash Republic, the Kirov Oblast, the Mari El Republic, the Republic of Mordovia and the Nizhny Novgorod Oblast.

The Chuvash Republic is a great place to start. Located in the centre of European Russia, the area has one of Russia’s richest population densities. It is bordered to the west by the beautiful Volga River and its central location has also given it a rich historical legacy. As much as 30% of Chuvash is home to indigenous forest, making some great wilderness excursions possible. The area is connected by road, rail, air and water and so is easily accessible. The Kirov Oblast is perhaps a little less interesting, while the Mari El Republic is home to as many as eleven rivers and five lakes. If you enjoy exploring the more natural aspects of the country, that is definitely one part of Volga-Vyatka worth visiting. The Marii Chodra National Park, located in the Ilet Valley, is one of the republic’s most popular destinations. Here visitors can enjoy boating, fishing, mushroom picking and horseback riding. The Bolshay Kokshaga National Reserve can also be found in the Mari El Republic and is teaming with local wildlife. The Mari El Republic has a great historical legacy that stretches back to the 5th century with the ancient Mari tribes. If you enjoy history you might take pleasure in discovering the area’s past.

The Republic of Mordovia is perhaps the best known part of Volga-Vyatka in Russia. The area is well-developed and has a rich historical and natural heritage. Visitors to this area will delight in visiting any of the 114 rivers or 500 lakes that can be found in the area. Or they make take a journey back in time to the Neolithic era when the area was first populated by people. An abundance of museums will help them to make this journey. If you prefer slightly more lively entertainment, Mordovia is home to a delightful State Puppet Theatre, which is definitely worth visiting.

The Nizhny Novgorod Oblast is also not to be missed. The area has two main attractions, namely the Saviour’s Church in Balakhna and the rather unusual steel lattice hyperboloid towers known as the Shukhov Towers near Dzerzhinsk. Clearly Volga-Vyatka has plenty to offer visitors!


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