Relax in the beautiful surroundings of Volgograd

Formerly known as Stalingrad or Tsaritsyn, Volgograd is situated on the west bank of the Volga River in the Volgograd Oblast. The town was founded when the fortress of Tsartisyn was built in 1589. The fortress was established to help defend the southern border of tsarist Russia but it soon became a trading settlement. Though Volgograd's history was somewhat turbulent, it soon became a great city. Under the rule of Stalin it became very industrialized and it eventually became the site of the costliest battle in the history of mankind - the Battle of Stalingrad. Unfortunately much of the city was destroyed in this battle, but it was quickly reconstructed. Many of the attractions to be seen in Volgograd are in memory of the lives lost and the bravery of those people who repelled the invading German forces and possibly changed the history of the world.

So what would you do if you visited Volgograd in Russia? Most visitors spend their time seeing the historical monuments, most of which are dedicated to those who fell in the Great Patriotic War (World War II). For example there is a memorial complex that was built to commemorate the battle. It boasts a huge statue of Mother Russia that stands on Mamayev Kurgan, a hill on which some of the most brutal fighting took take place during the war. There are also other statues, some of which commemorate the grieving who survived and others that commemorate the dying. There is also a walkway that leads to the Pantheon in which 7,200 randomly picked names have been inscribed - a mere fraction of those who perished in the war.

The city's history is truly a sad one as all the millions of lives lost will never be recovered. However the city is also a reminder of what determination to stand up against oppressors and survive against all odds can achieve. It therefore has great significance not only for the people of Russia but also for the rest of the world. Though you may be saddened by the statues and memorials that abound in this otherwise lovely city, you can be sure that you will never forget your visit to Volgograd.


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Kjell Stein - 2009-12-04 08:08:18

I know it is a very nice city, I have been living there earlier for 7 years, between 1999-2006, very good place, safe, much to see, and to do too, good restaurants, cafe, shops, cheap and good

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