Avenue of Heroes - Walking Through Volgograd's History

The city of Volgograd, which was formerly known as Stalingrad, today shows few signs of the many battles that were once fought here. In fact, many would say that the city is thriving. Yet only a few decades ago, Volgograd was in the throws of battle. World War II brought bloodshed right to its doorstep and many brave men lost their lives fighting to keep the city free of German control. While those men may no longer be with us, their memory lives on in the freedom that much of Russia now experiences. Their glorious deeds and struggles have been immortalized in a number of Russian monuments and museums which serve to educate younger generations and to pay homage to their efforts. The Avenue of Heroes is one such monument.

You can reach the Avenue of Heroes by taking a walk from the Square of Fallen Fighters to the Central quay. As you walk, you will discover an avenue which is lined by beautiful poplar trees. This is where you will find the Avenue of Heroes – a worthwhile stop for any traveler. The Avenue of Heroes is a memorial monument that has been devoted to the memory of various heroes of the Soviet Union. The many men who are remembered here can be either gentlemen who received an Award of Glory, natives of Volgograd who made some major contribution to society or heroes who gave their lives in the Battle of Stalingrad. The memorial was opened on 8 September 1985 and it has seen numerous visitors since then. Some have come to learn more about those whom the memorial remembers. Others come to find the name of a lost relative, while still others have simply visited to see what it was all about.

At the Avenue of Heroes, you will find both the initials and surnames of the many men who have been recognised at this memorial. The Avenue of Heroes memorializes 127 “Heroes of the Soviet Union” who became entitled to glory when they fought bravely at the Battle of Stalingrad. A further 192 “Heroes of the Soviet Union” are natives of the Volgograd area. Of these local heroes, three received this honorable award twice. There are also 28 names who received the “Gentleman of Glory” award. Even if you did not know any of those mentioned on this memorial, it is only proper to pay respect to their courage and bravery in fighting for a country which they loved. So why not visit the Avenue of Heroes and take a moment to remember those that put their lives on the line for something they believed in. You may find it more interesting than you thought it would be.


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