Explore Altai in Russia

The Altai Republic is situated in the very center of Asia and has a picturesque landscape of green highlands, large lakes, rivers and high mountain peaks. The mountain range in Altai is home to Belukha (4506m), the highest mountain peak in Siberia.

The Altai Republic borders on countries such as China, Mongolia and the near foreign country of Kazakhstan, which is the State border of the Russian Federation.

This region has a temperate continental climate, very similar to the climate of Moscow, although the winters are a little colder here. Altai has relatively short and hot summers that stretch from June to August, and very long winters that stretch from November to March. The average annual temperatures of this region are about 1°C to about 6,7°C. Temperatures in January range from about -9,2°C to about -31°C and from 11°C to 19°C in July. The average rainfall level varies from 100 mm up to 1000 mm.

Altai has a number of fresh water reserves that provide water to the whole Gorny-Altai district. The hydrographic network of this Republic counts more than twenty thousand water courses stretching for more than sixty thousand kilometers and about seven thousand lakes with the general square of more than seven hundred square kilometers. The largest lake is of this area is the Teletskoye, which covers an water surface area of 230 kilometers and has a maximum depth of 325 meters. The water of the Altai Republic springs is known as the purest water and some people even believe it is medicinal.

One visit to the magnificent Altai mountains in Russia will have you captivated. Most visitors find it hard to leave when their time is up, and with good reason, where else can you travel in the world where you will be able to experience something so clean, pure and green.


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