Barnaul - A Fantastic Tourist Destination

Within the West Siberian Plain, and alongside the quiet ebbing waters of the Ob River, lies a city that is burnt into the pages of history and that has a culture and energy of its own. It is the city of Barnaul, a destination in Russia that has a bustling industrial sector, beautiful surrounding landscape and a thriving nightlife. And with an approximate population of 650 thousand residents, Barnaul still manages to keep its atmosphere of originality and that of an old Russian settlement.

Before World War II, somewhere in the 1730’s it was discovered that Barnaul was a mining treasure trove, not only for copper, but also for silver. Soon, silver-smelting factories were erected and by the year 1771, Barnaul had grown to a large mining center. The Turkestan-Siberia Railway brought a much needed form of transportation to the city, which had begun to burst at the seams with residents and traders. Barnaul was finally a significant trade and cultural destination in Russia.

But it was World War II that changed the face and future of Barnaul. Many of the Barnaul residents were called up to fight in the war, and thousands lost their lives. So even though the city itself was nowhere near the fighting, the fear, terror and devastation was felt by the families that were left behind. As one of the least likely cities to be overrun by the German Forces, it only made sense to move ammunition factories to Barnaul. This is how the Barnaul Ammunition and Machine Tool Plant came into existence. It is still one of the largest ammunition manufacturers in Russia and with the railway being located in the city, the city is a well-located supplier. Of course the technology and accuracy of ammunition has improved since the war, and ammunition is not only supplied for military use, but sporting, hunting and law enforcement.

Visitors will be astounded at the large variety of attractions in Barnaul, such as the Barnaul City Duma, the World War II Memorial, the Demidov’s Column at Demidov Square, the Altai Drama Theatre, the Government Museum of History, Culture and Literature, and the Art Museum of Altai. And if visitors want to relax after a hard day of touring the attractions in Barnaul, good food, restaurants and cafés are waiting near the Sovetov Square. The city is also home to an active nightlife, which has four major clubs, namely the House Club, Zebra, the Garage and the Pilot. Locals recommend the Pilot Club for dancing and meeting new and interesting people.

Barnaul is most certainly a city that caters for all tastes and guests. Between breathtaking scenery, noteworthy sites and relaxing restaurants with good food, visitors will find it hard to keep up with all the activities and visual feasts that await them.


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