The Tranquil City of Biysk

Biysk is a very quiet and relaxed city in the Altai Province. It is one of the largest cities in the province, second to the city of Barnaul. It has an estimated population of approximately 230 thousand people and is affectionately known as “The Gates to the Altai Mountains”. As with its neighboring city, Barnaul, Biysk only gained industrial importance during and after the Second World War.

As with many small towns and cities in Russia, Biysk was originally established as a military fortress and outpost in 1709, by Peter the Great. It is said that the nomadic tribes of the area were not pleased by the military presence and burnt the fortress to the ground. In 1718, the tribes started to rebuild the location, and over the years the residents and structures advanced to such a degree that the settlement was awarded the status of Town in the year 1782. The nearest cities to this Biya River destination in Russia are the city of Gorno-Altaysk, which is a hundred kilometers away, and Barnaul, approximately 175 kilometers outside the city. It is usually a tranquil destination in Russia that travelers and tourists stop at while they travel between Gorno-Altaysk and Barnaul. Biysk is also the end of the line in regard to the railway, but none-the-less it is a noteworthy city with many fascinating sites to explore.

There are quite a few interesting attractions in Biysk, that include sites such as the Bianky Museum that exhibits a large collection of expositions, shows and historical facts in regard to the founder of the museum. The central chapel of the Assumption Day Cathedral and the Biysk Theatre are also recommended sites. Navigating the city is not difficult, as the cafes, restaurants, hotels and attractions in Biysk are all located in or close to Lenina Street. One of the most popular night-time spots and bar, Diesel, is on this street, right next to the Tsentralnaya Hotel.

For its size, and being one of the largest cities in the province, Biysk has more of a town atmosphere. Its economy is reliant on its industrial sector that produces a variety of products including sugar, chemicals, clothing, woodwork, machinery, dairy, shoes, meat and other food related products. It is a great city to look at, from both a business and tourist point of view.


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