Visit the Quaint Town of Rubtsovsk

The small city of Rubtsovsk is situated on the Aley River in the Altai province (also known as the Altai Krai). It is a quaint destination in Russia as its population is estimated at a relatively small 163 thousand, and it is its mining operations that have ensured that Rubtsovsk has remained an important city. The Turk-Siberian Railway also passes through the city bringing visitors, tourists and businessmen to the city.

The industrial sector of the city has also managed to gain a lot of interest as a business destination in Russia, due to its manufacturing sector. It has been known for its production of machinery and food products for years and with the long established companies, such as the Rubtsovsky Dairy Factory Ltd and Rubtsovsk Machine Building Plant, the economy of the city receives a stable income. The Rubtsovsky Dairy Factory has been in partnership with the Wimm-Bill-Dann Group since the year 2001 and produces high quality traditional cheeses, milk, sour cream, kefir and many other dairy products. The Rubtsovsk Machine Building Plant on the other hand, has been operating in Rubtsovsk since 1959. Their primary form of business lies with the production of spare parts for machinery and equipment used in the mining industry, trailers, transport vehicles, road building machinery, heating appliances and gas stoves.

There are also a few attractions in Rubtsovsk that visitors might enjoy, such as the Art Museum, which displays beautiful exhibits of local art, the Medical History Museum and lovely churches. The city is also known for its tasty homemade bread and eventful fairs, such as the Trade Fair. Or simply open the local newspaper, the Vyecherny Rubtsovsk, and catch up on the latest newsworthy events and happenings around the city. For a small city, there are quite a number of attractions in Rubtsovsk that are worth the visit.

Rubtsovsk has an airport that is located approximately six kilometers out the city, but is not used as a main form of transport, as the airport is not exactly fit for commercial use, and the youth seem to enjoy it more for their drag racing than for air traffic. It was also the birth city of a very famous Russian, namely Raisa Gorbachev. She was the late wife of Mikhail Gorbachev, who was a Soviet leader for many years. The city most certainly has many interesting facts and pieces of history attached to its past, and also has many hidden secrets and sites for visitors to enjoy.


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